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Complementary Therapy

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness can improve health and wellbeing by helping you learn to pay attention to your own thoughts and feelings in the present moment. Mindfulness is suitable for anyone but can be particularly beneficial for those living with stress, anxiety, depression, pain or illness.  Research has shown that incorporating Mindfulness into a busy lifestyle can lead to improved health and wellbeing.

“My racing mind ‘must do’, ‘didn’t do’ etc. has slowed down considerably”

Mindfulness Meditation Information Leaflet

Upcoming Mindfulness events

Complementary Therapy

Complementary Therapy is a treatment or therapy that can be a standalone treatment or applied alongside and in support of other interventions (eg counselling, medical treatments etc).

Complementary Therapy treatments can help you relax and give an improved sense of wellbeing.  

Reflexology – use of massage on specific parts of the feet to restore balance and aid relaxation.

Indian Head Massage – massage of scalp, face, neck, shoulders, and upper arms.  Helps relieve muscular tension and headaches and promotes relaxation.  You sit-up for this massage and can remain fully clothed.

Aromatherapy Massage – massage of back, neck and shoulders using aromatic oils.  Helps relieve muscular tension and aids relaxation.

“Fantastic treatment, lets me forget all that is going on.  A safe place from the realities of life.”

Availability of other Complementary Therapies is dependent on resources available. 

Request for Counselling

If you require counselling, please click on the link below, print out the form, fill it in and return to: Aisling Centre, 37 Darling Street, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, BT74 7DP